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“IntellectualsChoice, established in 2010, has assisted numerous students in gaining admission to prestigious United States universities. Studying in the US offers life-changing opportunities, with access to world-renowned institutions that give students a competitive edge in their careers. Committed to transparency and support, our founder’s personal journey inspired our mission.

IntellectualsChoice is a dedicated team of students and graduates from the US, Canada, and the UK, passionate about making international education accessible to all. We’ve curated a list of destinations with exceptional academic prospects and a global educational spirit.”

Intellectual Choice at a Glance
Our Vision

Our vision is to help students by providing them with the admission, scholarship, and visa application support, resources, and guidance needed to unlock their path to successful international education.

Mission Statement

At the heart of all our functions, we will consistently strive for service excellence by being upfront and honest in all our dealings with transparency directing our service to all our stakeholders. Our dedication to this service excellence will allow our stakeholders to prosper mutually benefitting all those involved.

Our Core Values

We strive since inception to be honest in all our operations, interactions and communications with all stakeholders. We do this by ensuring we provide correct information at all times, act in the higest integrity putting our clients first at all times. We will aim to do the right thing however difficult our decisions may have on our business bottom-line.

Our Transparency

We will aim to keep our operations transparent with open door policy. We mean what we say and our corporate culture is founded on transparency so our colleagues’ potentials are maximized. Our transparent working style allows us to be more creative, innovative and open to constructive feedback. We will prioritize all our stakeholders equally and be socially responsible.


We firmly believe our prosperity stakeholders success of all our stakeholders and thus becoming prosperous through our business partnerships with universities and other organizations. We aim to operate ethically so that all stakeholders of our business can prosper along with us, thus allowing to lean on our potential to do better.

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We have built a wealth of experience in the US higher education system over the past 10 years with a combined work experience of our colleagues for over 30 years. Our staff have dynamic professional backgrounds from solicitors to higher education professionals.

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